Specialised Market Research

Since 2012 one area where we have specialised at Isis Environmental is looking at the need for tailored market research for companies with environmental products or services.

Our earliest work in this area looked at the market for British Maritime Technology services in Libya, in 2009/10, where in-depth research was conducted in-country and remotely to ascertain the opportunities for environmental consultancy services.

We also carried out an extensive study into the worldwide markets for Waterblade as ‘proof of market’ prior to the commercialisation of this product.

Work has been done in assessing potential markets for companies which are operating, or hope to operate in the renewables sector in the United Kingdom, with research carried out for ‘A Greener Alternative Limited’ and ‘Mitchell heating Systems Limited, which are both based in the South-East, much valuable data has been reviewed on this busy environmental sector.

We are currently involved with two projects looking at worldwide markets for products produced or due to be produced from the UK Low Carbon Sector