Strategic Partnership with Kay Phillips Associates

The end of 2013 saw Isis Environment forge new and better ties with KPA a Sussex-based company that we have worked with previously, and are specialised in bespoke multi-channel business development.  This sits comfortably alongside the business development work we have been engaged in for years, but exclusively in the environmental sector.  Working with KPA has brought in their formidable additional experience and skills in telemarketing, lead generation and training for Client  brand building.

KPA logo

We undertook our first successful assignment together between November 13 – February 14 for clients which nicely dovetailed the joint competences and allowed us to use our data handing skills to good advantage. We will be looking closely at the results of the bespoke campaign created to see what further value can be created for our customers over the following months.

KPA provide simple but effective marketing collateral which can be produced quickly or adapted as client needs change, further details of their capabilities can be found at

Several new projects are under discussion in a number of environmental industries and we believe that there is a definitely a niche for this type of pragmatic, cost-effective marketing for environmental products and services.

New IEMA & Argyll Environmental Ltd & Brighton University Auditing Course

October the 15th 2013,  saw Isis Environmental Ltd return to a contributory role in presenting the joint Argyll Environmental Limited and Brighton University Foundation Course on Environmental Auditing, which was delivered at Brighton University School of Environment & Technology.

It was a strange case of Deja vu with our Principal Consultant – Mark Hadley having developed the original course with Brighton UniversityAEL & IEMA Course 001 back in the 1990’s when running Environmental Auditors Limited, so it was lovely to contribute to the new course Handbook and re-work a section of the course that looked at the importance of environmental management systems, ISO 14001 and EMAS in providing structured systems to assess continual environmental assessment.

All seemed to go well with the new course students, aided and abetted by a fantastic team from Argyll Environmental Limited one of our clients and with whom we have shared many projects, and of course have worked with a number of their directors for well over 15 years.

This all ties in well with our role going back to setting up the forerunner of IEMA back in the early 1990’s, so it has been fantastic to see the culmination of these efforts delivered by one of the largest environmental professional bodies in the world, to see that Brighton University continues to hold an exemplary position in the training and development of professional environmental auditors.

It was refreshing to be asked to participate in the new course by leading environmental practitioners Argyll Environmental who are based in Brighton, but of course to have access to unsurpassed environmental databases and a full range of key staff involved in the course delivery.

Anyone interested in taking the course should send us a notification and we will pass directly to Argyll Environmental Limited prior to the further courses that are being arranged. Alternatively anyone interested can send a direct enquiry to or drop a line on the contact form to

Business Development – Secure Shredding Sector

Isis Environmental’s ongoing work with specialised environmentally-driven secure shredding client – Shredded Neat Ltd.,  started up a new mission to educate the business sector about ensuring advanced data security for all physical and electronic data media whilst meeting ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ in their own operations.  October 2013 represents the 1st anniversary of our involvement with Shredded Neat, a year that has substantially changed its objectives and led to sound commercial improvement.

ISOShredded Neat has during our first years involvement seen the successful achievement of ISO 9001 and  ISO 14001, branched out from pure secure paper shredding and cardboard recycling into being a more rounded recycling company and under our guidance the business now recycles all categories of WEEE (Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment); batteries and fluorescent lamps and looks certain to move into additional new sectors.

mh1We developed a number of key resources to ensure the business shows off its environmental credentials, whilst securing new market share in its geographical area.  This has included a structured, bespoke telemarketing campaign, new literature, coupled with educational lectures, presentations and seminars such as the one recently undertaken at Basepoint Newhaven in Sussex, a great networking hub in the South-East This approach has resulted in a number of substantial new clients for the business impressed by the Company’s green credentials, high service levels and improved profile on a number of different social media platforms.

Environmental Information in the Digital Age – Royal Society of the Arts and Argyll Environmental Ltd – Brighton

This was a unique opportunity for Fellows to see at close quarters, the current developments that are taking place in the digital and creative space, which utilize cutting edge environmental data  FRSA Mark Hadley long time associate of Argyll Environmental invited Fellows to Argyll Environmentals offices in Central Brighton to see how some of the UK’s leading environmental databases had been harnessed by this innovative company to produce bespoke environmental reports for UK conveyancing professionals.

The proceedings were opened with a presentation from Chris Taylor Product Development Director for Argyll Environmental’s Parent Company Landmark Information Group who explained the vast range of data products being produced by the energetic, professional team based in Brighton. These reports cover environmental due diligence data to assist the property market and the public with key information on issues that might affect property – contaminated land, flood risks, development risks, restrictive designations, the location of pollution incidents etc.

We were then treated to a gallop through two presentations by Ben Furlong and Jez Nicholson using PechaKucha techniques to deliver their presentations on UK Flood Risk developments, and how UK Infrastructure developments such as HighSpeed2 might affect our environment.

All this was amply aided and abetted by local wine specialists Henry Butler owner of Butlers Wine Cellar, a local Brighton specialist who ensured fellows had his own unique view on how to explore the refreshment break.

The meeting followed up with a short film that looked at how the world for business and society might look in 2018,challenged by the ever growing issues surrounding climate change, resource depletion and over-population.

Time for a break, so Fellows, and local invitees including Tom Wellings of Emotive Systems, CEO Kay Phillips and Mike Hobbs of Hobbs Law turned up for a look at what was being discussed.  There were more entrepreneurs in the room than you could shake a stick at, luckily we had Chair of the Fellowship Council Irene Campbell to keep us all in check.

Our thanks to AEL and Landmark Group for making this a stimulating and thought provoking event, and for the eclectic mixture of RSA Fellows and camp followers to contributed to the success of the event.

Shredded Neat Project reaches 6 month mark

The Shredded Neat FleetIt has now been six months since Isis became properly involved with Shredded Neat Limited. Our goal to improve overall business development has taken in a number of challenges, including following through with them to the successful conclusion of their ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification; the design and launch of a tailored telemarketing campaign with local marketing specialists – Kay Phillips Associates reconstruction and recruitment of a new sales team together with a defined programme of improvement, which has included a number of substantial new clients and income for the business from several new material recycling streams.

Presentations during 2012

2012 was a busy year for Isis Environmental Ltd., with a number of key presentations made during the year. These included our first presentation on the 13.03.2012 entitled ‘WEEE a Short Post -Implementation Review’ which was delivered at the London law offices of Norton Rose LLB on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) where we serve on the Waste Management Panel as technical advisers. CIWEM WEEE Presentation

This was followed by our participation in the innovative inaugural meeting of ‘Enabling Catalysts’ part of the ‘One Leadership Project’ held in Lewes in July 2012 to review how business leaders could share their knowledge based on proven skills in this area.

External work with a business entrepreneurship pathfinder project, supported By the RSA was a big part of 2012, with the first presentations made to RSA Fellows in Brighton at the Pub du Vin on the 26th July . This was culmination of 7 months work as part of the RSA Fellow-led project called ‘ The Vital Few’ fitting in nicely with our own CSR programme. The Vital Few_EBCan2

This project aims to help young entrepreneurs in schools throughout the South-East UK. set up their own businesses and mentor them through to successful business outcomes.  By the 16th November, we were delivering a business entrepreneurship presentation to The Princes Trust in Eastbourne, helping young entrepreneurs with the basics of setting up a business and pointing out some of the pitfalls. 
Our last presentation of 2012 involved a presentation to the highly innovative and rapidly growing civic activism group, on the RSA Vital Few project as the same time as the RSA Executive Steering Group succeeded in it’s mission to secure a ‘Catalyst’ grant from the RSA in October 2012, a successful outcome which only 1 in 20 applicants succeed in achieving. 

UK Data Losses Investigation for Shredded Neat Ltd

ImageJuly and August 2012 saw an in-depth research project to examine the impact of UK data losses  on a range of public and private sector organisations, as well as occasionally on individuals directly. The report was produced for confidential shredding and data destruction company -Shredded Neat Limited, based just north of Brighton, United Kingdom

The study showed that the main medium for data loss over the last 20 years was document loss, followed closely by HDD loss, the circumstances leading up to the data loss were evenly spread between theft; accidental loss in transit; insecure storage and poor waste disposal practice, interestingly a significant number of loss incidents were associated with locations where alcohol was available.

In terms of our study fines occurred in 21% of the losses though a significant number of prosecutions are still pending arrival in court, which would lift the likelihood to 30%. The study underestimates the likelihood that an organisation will be fined, since the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) which was responsible for the majority of these, has only had the necessary powers to fine organisations since 2010. The average level of fine imposed by the ICO was £155,000 in a range from £60,000 – £325,000. Other regulatory bodies can impose fines, and the study found a fine of £2,300,000 imposed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), and another by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) which fined McLaren F1 Team US$100 million.

The total amount of fines levied in the UK for data breaches by the FSA since November 2010 has been seven fines, totalling £7,777,000 and a further 23 fines by the ICO, to a total value of £2,426,000

The study provided a significant support document for the company’s business development plans to demonstrate the need for certifiable, secure data destruction services in the UK.ImageImage

Earthquake Asbestos Contamination Risk

On the 4th September 2010 a massive earthquake caused substantial damage throughout the city of Christchurch, New Zealand including substantial loss of life.


The aftermath of such events can have long-standing impacts that are not immediately apparent at the time, or shortly after the event.  When the earthquake came, it demolished domestic and commercial buildings alike, many of which contained asbestos.  Asbestos has been widely used in New Zealand in many buildings and therefore it was a sure bet there was some in the 8,000,000 tonnes of building rubble which resulted from the quake.

ISIS carried out an investigation which reviewed asbestos use in NZ, then using rudimentary data that was available compared this with the typical amounts of asbestos that were released by the collapse of the World Trade Centre on 9/11/2001, which equated to approximately 400 tonnes of asbestos, in 1.5-2.0 million tonnes of building rubble.

The Christchurch wastes are in process of being systematically removed to a landfill at Bottle Lake, Christchurch for safe disposal. Our 2012 study looked at the risks from the release of airborne asbestos fibres based on comparable studies and the potential impact of this in the areas surrounding the landfill and transport routes.

Little Acorns – Groundsure

Back in the mid 1990’s our principal was running a small environmental consultancy and had the bright idea that  there must be some commercial value in collecting environmental data, in the form of national datasets for it’s own site evaluation processes.

Datasets were acquired and developed into a simple database called ‘ContamiCheck’, the value in the reports was thought to be attractive to solicitors, surveyors and other property professionals to provide basic environmental due diligence on sites they were acquiring or selling for their clients.

The initial reports were very simple, paper delivered assessments of which a few dozen were produced each month.  Eventually, this database was taken out from the former business and used as the basis for an ambitious punt at acquiring venture capital to build a new stand alone business.

Metropolitan Venture Partners provided the first tranche of about £650k investment, for the new Company -Groundsure in 2000 and the business launched in 2001.Image

The Company grew and developed, one of only three key businesses in the fast evolving environmental data market.  In April 2007 Emap Ltd announced its acquisition of the entire shareholding capital of GroundSure in a deal valuing the business at around £45 million.



Libya Connect Project

Our principal was recently engaged on an interesting business development opportunity in Libya during this time, spending an initial visit in conjunction with the Middle East Association in Tripoli, but quickly augmenting this with local visits to known Libyan business contacts in country.

ImageAt this time, Colonel Gaddafi was still in power, and it was clear there was a vast appetite in Libya for knowledge transfer, reliable and experienced training and specific skills in risk assessment, land contamination and waste management.  Visits followed with senior commercial parties and we were on the brink of landing a major opportunity for a series of prestigious presentations to the Oil & Gas Industry. We also established some interesting commercial linkages, which were cemented at one of our meetings in the stunning Roman city of Sabrata, to which we were given sole access for a personal visit one day.


Then the revolution came, and quite rightly all these plans were put on temporary hold whilst we prayed our Libyan friends would be safe.  They were, so whilst the new Libya rebuilds itself and its civic institutions we decided to get together with two other companies, Common Resource Ltd and Scientists International Ltd to develop a new platform for Anglo-Libyan co-operation.

The emphasis is on capacity building, bringing together our in-depth knowledge of social and environmental systems to assist in the redevelopment of civic society in Libya. 

We have already attracted the interest of a significant number of skilled and experienced environmental and socio-economic scientists, engineers and energy specialists. We are in the process of developing a structure that will allow full participation and involvement in the project. This will be augmented by an ARABIC translation service will facilitate participation by a wide variety of UK and Libyan Businesses, and provide a focus for pre-existing contacts in Libya who already support our project.

We are awaiting the outcome of the July 2012 elections in Libya, as is everyone, and hope that our efforts and energy and the opportunity to develop commercial, social and intellectual links with our friends in Libya will be hugely successful.