New Developments in Flood Risk

Our team at Isis Environment spent several years looking into the growing market for Water Saving Devices, or WSDs, which has been emerging for some years now.

The pressure to find ways of reducing water use throughout the world is continually growing and is being partly driven by climate change, but also by the burgeoning world population which continues to drive demand for clean water supplies the world over.

We extract about 4530 billion cubic metres of water from our planet at the present time, but water use is doubling quicker than population growth, this is due to the growing need for agriculture in the main, which utilises 70% of the water extracted

Global Trends, suggest demand will soar 55% between 2000 and 2050, but where is it going to come from? Aquifers, which are undergroubnf water sources are under pressure, 21 of the 35 major aquifer systems in the world are depleted, the water table is falling and there is nothing when they are exhausted.

For this reason our Company is now working with leaders in the field, having recently done mcuh work with innovative designs to reduce the flow from water taps , we are moving on to new system to harvest rainwater in domestic water systems, thus reducing flood risk, but providing a new, fresh water supply for peoples gardens and busienss premises. We expect to reveal more about these develoments in he coming weeks