Formation of Bioscan UK Limited

Those were the days, back in 1984 when our Managing Director formed his first consultancy business.  Put together in a single one-bed flat in Covent Garden, the business was designed to provide a team of ecological specialists to carry out ecological surveys and wildlife recording in the UK.


In those days, we couldn’t even find a heading for environmental consultants in the telephone directory!  However the business initially found premises in Haslemere, Surrey and carried out some interesting projects in the early days, with some interesting formative work for the onshore oil exploration boom at the time, as well as work on the 1st Licensing Round for Offshore Oil Exploration.

The early work the Company developed was very much a case of convincing those engaged in greenfield development that they needed environmental expertise, provided at the outset by two of the founders, who had worked/and are also still working for English Nature (formerly the Nature Conservancy Council).

There were no mandatory requirements for EIAs on major developments at this time, and the novelty of engaging with commercial developers involved us in some interesting television coverage at the time.

The concept was obviously a good one, as Bioscan UK Limited is still running after 28 years…..