Start-up and MBO of Environmental Auditors Limited

In 1991, our senior consultant was asked to form an environmental consultancy business for Central and Provincial Management Ltd (CPM)., a wholly owned subsidiary of the London and Devonshire Trust Ltd.  

The environmental business sat alongside CPM’s commercial property management and surveying business formed earlier in 1984. The early venture into the environmental consultancy business was cleverly judged to piggyback on the 2000+ commercial and industrial properties managed by CPM for their Clients.

In 1993, the slump in the UK commercial property market provided an opportunity to carry out a MBO of the fledgling business, hardly two years old. This was incorporated and a new Board brought together a skilled team of NED’s, the Company going on the grow continually over the next decade, providing services in the UK and worldwide in environmental auditing; due diligence; contaminated land assessment; marine oil and chemical pollution and providing the platform from which a number of other ventures were founded.Image

These included ContamiCheck, later to be become the founding dataset for Groundsure Ltd., ERIS (Environmental Risk Insurance Services Ltd) and insurance brokerage providing Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL) Insurance and the Environmental Data Association.

Key officers of the Company went on to become senior directors in a number of leading environmental consultancy businesses throughout the United Kingdom.


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