Vauxhall Motors Dealership Manual

Our lead consultant had for several years being carrying out environmental due diligence audits for the many individual motor dealerships in the UK that were holders of a Vauxhall Motors dealership franchise.Image

Over several years of commercial property acquisitions and disposals it was noticed that many of the environmental liabilities that were affecting property values were associated with a range of operational and historical environmental problems common to many in the dealership network.

With over 400 UK dealerships at the time, we suggested to Vauxhall Motors Limited have a detailed waste management manual prepared which would identify all the typical and non-typical environmental issues that motor dealers might encounter and provide a robust guide as to how these could be handled. This included waste oils; WEEE; spray booth wastes; metal wastes; asbestos-containing wastes and batteries etc…Image

The whole spectrum of waste management issues were addressed, together with a detailed listing of trusted specialised waste contractors, equipment suppliers and assessment tools.  The subsequent manual was produced in 6 months after extensive research ad supplied to all Vauxhall Dealers together with a recommendation from the Company that the guidelines should be followed by their different dealers.