Nationwide Incubator Recycling

In 2007, the Technical Director was approached to scope out an interesting and challenging project on behalf of Draeger Medical.

Dräeger Medical planned to sell existing customers (many hundreds of hospitals throughout the UK), their latest and most advanced baby incubators.  They were keen to ensure that the older or defunct Dräeger incubators these would replace were taken out of use and fully recycled.  This was an essential part of the sales programme, as the Client wished to ensure that these old incubators could not end up being sold and exported to parts of the world where they could not be guaranteed to be reliable and there might be serious implications for infants if these were brought back into illegal use, with consequential risk of reputational damage.


Our adviser developed a logistics programme for collecting the old/defunct incubators (without occupants!) from Lands End to John O’Groats. All incubators were certified sterilised prior to collection, and then individually logged into a tracking system based on their serial numbers. The logistics company ensured full audit control of the collection programme 2007-9, ensuring that the equipment reached the correct AATF (Accredited Authorised Treatment Facility) and individual units certified fully destroyed, then recycled with zero waste to landfill.

Over a thousand incubators were safely disposed of, without a single unit going astray, a significant challenge in the world of recycling.