Corporate Start-up of Reco-Vie (Recycling) Limited

In 2005, a small group of partners were examining how they could exit from the company they were currently employed by and develop their own Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) business, with very low capital.

One of our Directors helped co-ordinate the exit from the former company and provide the corporate set up of the Company from offices in Surrey.  The launch of the new business was timed to co-incide with a major international campaign centred around this type of waste, the RSA WEEE Man Project.  Coupling the launch with that of the 27,000 membership base of the RSA gave unprecedented access to the media, a  resource the new company could not hope to have access to, and was ideal for raising public awareness nationally and internationally.

The Company quickly launched with a tailor-made book of B2B business negotiated as part of the exit agreement and access to the important Operators Licence (for running commercial HGVs) was secured through one parties ‘grandfather rights’, allowing the Company to have livery written vehicles on the road, within a month.

These and over activities meant the company had virtually immediate cash-flow, which successful grants were made to Waste resources Action Programme (WRAP) and further commercial lending secured.  Important trading accreditations ISO 9000 and ISO14000 were secured within the first years trading too!