WEEE recycling on a grand scale

In 2000, the incoming ODS Regulations prevented the UK exporting used refrigeration almost overnight, however no-one realised that there were no recycling plants that could legally recycle fridges using CFC recovery.

One of our directors was central to the scheme to export approximately 25% of the UK’s used fridges to 9 different recycling facilities in Holland and Germany using the Environment Agency approved TFS licensing system where they were all safely recycled.


During this time, he was instrumental in finding  a site for a new UK recycling plant, getting Planning Permission as well as its Waste Management Licence and then running it as the plant manager.

At the peak of operations, we were exporting 126, 40 foot trailers to Europe a week which made the Company one of the largest exporters of waste ever from the UK and a key supplier of recycling services to the public sector for several years.