Marine Salvage Hazardous Cargo

In 1996 one of the company’s directors was involved in the salvage of the MV Nedlloyd Recife, which was a container ship that had run aground on an island 3kms off the coast of Brazil.  The task was to ascertain the contents of the 700+ containers, many filled with chemicals and other hazardous materials and develop a method statement for their disposal.

The work took place over two years, involved a disposal plan to recover the submerged containers, inspect them them ensure the contents could disposed of. Many were transported to local landfills where non-hazardous contents were involved, some to Sao Paulo for co-disposal in a waste-derived fuel plant at Resicontrol SA, and the remainder of the most toxic materials went for incineration in industrial incinerators in the Sorocaba area.  The disposal plan developed saved the insurers approximately US$9million and avoided illegal dumping.Image